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Zus & Zo
[Timmermansstraat 13, Zoutelande]
A bit tough, cosy with a rustic feel. That is Zus & Zo, an attractive furniture shop in the heart of Zoutelande.

[Markt 15, Veere]
Beautifully situated on the romantic market in Veere, you can’t avoid Saartje. A shop like a discovery tour of must-haves.

Domburgsche bier en melksalon
[Weststraat 11, Domburg]
At this biological eat- and drinkshop you are at the right place for deliciously made sandwiches and other regional products. In summer you can order picknickbaskets to take away to the beach.

Café de Geere
Lange Viele 51, Middelburg]
Café de Geere is an old school pub in Middelburg with an excellent menu and a laid-back atmosphere. In weekends you can enjoy the tunes of a local band or dj.

Het Badpaviljoen Domburg
[Badhuisweg 21, Domburg]
Enjoy a hot summer night on the lovely lounge terrace of Het Badpaviljoen while sipping a cocktail and nibbling some fingerfood. Stylish and chic with an ocean view.

Strandpaviljoen Panta Rhei
[Nolledijk 1, Vlissingen]
‘Everything flows’ at beachclub Phanta Rhei. Lunch, appetizers and diner in a relaxed atmosphere, with your feet in the sand while listening to great music. 

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