Beach and dune

The only elevation in this region with sandy beaches are the dunes and the dykes. Some beaches are wide and uninterrupted, others have characteristic breakwaters. In some places you can drive your surf gear right up to the water’s edge, over the dames and dykes. But all beaches of Walcheren have one thing in common: they have been the cleanest and sunniest beaches of the Netherlands for years now.  

Nature reserve De Manteling

De Manteling of Walcheren is a nature reserve of 740 ha situated at the Kop van Walcheren, between Domburg and de Veerse Gatdam. It  consists of old country estates, woods, dunes, majestic lanes and winding paths. Surrounding the Castle Westhove and museum of nature Terra Maris there is a herb garden. De Manteling is known for its fallow-deer, but the roe-deer is also an inhabitant of the forests and bushes in the area.  


All landscapes in 1 day

Polders, dykes, beaches, dunes, seas, lakes, forests, creeks, rivers, mud flats, islands, saltwater marshes and much more. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy the wide variety of Zeeland’s countryside in just one afternoon:
1.In the gardens at the Terra Maris museum is  Zeeland’s countryside emulated in 2.5 hectares.
2.Most of Het Zwin Nature Reserve technically belongs to Belgium.  A walk through its dunes is highly recommended followed by a sit down at one of the beach pavilions.
3. Sand, sea and a strong breeze. Nothing typifies Zeeland’s countryside more than the island of Neeltje Jans. Come and blow the cobwebs away to the soothing sound of the seagulls. 



deel dit
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