Zeeuws museum

The museum of Zeeland, the Zeeuws Museum, is located in the historic abbey of Middelburg. With beautiful, modern presentations the museum shows an unexpected side of Zeeland. Like its collection of unique and world famous tapestries from the 16th century. Visit their versatile collection of archeology, paintings and porcelain. Or how about the fashionshow with an exciting role for regional costumes. In the modern museumcafé you can enjoy local products. In summer the terrace is lovely. The museumshop has a variety of contemporary products from Zeeland and stunning books.

Music and art festivals

In late spring, summer and late summer the people from Zeeland celebrate the arts on many cultural festivals. Writers, filmmakers and artists give you food for thought and inspiration. They make you smile during festivals like: Onderstroom , het Nazomerfestival, Film by the Sea, het Festival van Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen or Concert at Sea.   

Villages and towns

A visit to one of the beautiful villages and towns of Walcheren is always a good idea. The capital Middelburg f.e. has a visible VOCpast with old warehouses and canals. Or visit the pleasant Veere with lots of monuments at the Veerse meer. One of the prettiest buildings in town is the Camveerse Toren. The little city of Domburg is the oldest beachtowns in Zeeland. Early 20th century lots of artists came to Domburg to get inspired. Piet Mondriaan and Jan Toorop are the well-known.

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