Hiking and Biking

The variable landscape of Zeeland is perfect for a discovery tour by bike. Plan your route with the handy network of bicycle signs or discover the different islands with one of many thematic routes. Do you prefer to hike? The network of walking paths will lead you to many beautiful pieces of Zeeland: quiet farmland, unique nature, sweet villages, tough dykes and wild waves.  



Kiting, blokarting, surfing, skimboarding, suppen, waterskiing. Zeeland has plenty of open water and beaches for fast and furious water sports, but you also could go sailing or cruising around on your (rented) motorboat. There are so many beaches that you will always find one where the wind is blowing in the right direction for skimming and surfing the waves and learning a few new tricks.   

On horseback

Explore Zeeland’s islands on horseback. Riding a horse along the seashore is always a wonderful experience. Wading in the sea and then galloping through the surf. There are numerous bridleways as part of the Cycle and Walking Network. And there is always a riding-school nearby where you can rent a horse.

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